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I enjoyed the satisfaction of a nice day off yesterday. I cleaned the upstairs a bit, talked to Tyler on the phone until the phone started to freak out, watered all the plants, changed the bed, talked to my parents, and watched Better Than Chocolate, which I really liked.

I also did some jewelrymaking, which I hadn't done in some time. I had an idea for a little pewter chandelier-type pendant, which I hung with some pins of blue crystals (varying shades). I like it a lot. I also (finally) got a string and clasp on the pretty piece of abalone shell that shaylith brought me from New Zealand about four years ago, and restrung my well-loved waterdragon necklace, whose string had weak points so I couldn't wear it anymore (I also redid the beads a little).

Doc and I also made a pie last night, which was basically a layer of pure chocolate baked in the oven (chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar), then another layer of pure chocolate poured over the top and cooled (ganache...just chocolate and cream). You know it's been a good day when you stay up ridiculously late to eat a delicious chocolate pie.

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning until I started dreaming that my grades for Physics 100 had never been entered into the computer 6 years ago, and I had to take a makeup final today. THAT got me up.

I am using a gel on my face at night for early rosacea.

There was a chart in National Geographic that showed how likely it is that you will die of a certain thing. Car accidents were 1 in 87, stroke 1 in 24, cancer 1 in 7, heart disease 1 in 5. I'm definitely eating more broccoli. I guess the thought of having a painful lingering illness (cancer) or losing control of my faculties (stroke) frighten me more than death itself.

The air in Moscow is a thick pinkish haze around the horizon. It makes it feel hotter than it actually is.

Back to work for me...

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