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Yesterday I prepped 32 samples for sequencing (they're in the machine right now), and in the process, discovered that there's a whole typed protocol for using the capillary sequencer that somehow, I'd never gotten. It's got all sorts of directions on how to change the polymer or load samples or deal with errors. No wonder everyone assumed I knew all this. They thought I had this thing. And now I do.

I made a blackberry pie (a little too sugary, I think), and froze a few more gallons of blackberries for winter smoothies. I also did a load of laundry with the blankets and towels and bags from Sunday's picnic and swim and blackberry-picking, when a few buckets spilled in the car. Every last stain came out.

I did not find any of my stuff in the river, though.

Finally, I called Sprint and ordered a new phone and new phone plan. It actually went shockingly well. Because you get a $150 credit when you sign up for a new contract and the new phone I picked was $149.99, I basically got a free phone. Our new plan has free roaming, our overtime minutes cost half as much ($0.20 a minute, instead of $0.40), and free calling starts at 7:00 at night instead of 9:00. Our monthy minutes were raised from 300 to 450. The lady also waived our $40 connection fee, told me to call if I got charged for shipping and I would be credited that money back. Overall, it will cost about $4 a month more than we're currently paying, which is fine by me.

So really, there wasn't a lot wrong with yesterday at all.

The Fountain looks like a good/interesting movie and I would be willing to go see it.

Heck yes
No way
Don't care

Snakes on a Plane comes out on Thursday. How excited are you?

I can barely STAND it
I'm standing in line as we speak

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