Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Not to ignore the tone of my recent posts, but hot diggety damn, check this out.

Neeve Planetarium

It's a Flash page of the night sky, adjusted for date, time, and location (make sure you change the lat and long, since it defaults to the equator/prime meridian (just off the Ivory Coast). You can push or pull it any way you want...and because it stretches and shrinks with motion, you lose the typical inaccuracies of flattening a sphere, which is a chronic problem with star books and wheels. Plus, most of the stars, when moused over, will tell their names, magnitude, and constellation. Holy shoot!

I am very happy about this find.

The other news is that the new phone arrived today, and it looks like this. You can see the casing is black in that picture. What it DOESN'T show you is that the vertical gray slit on the outside of the phone lights up RED when it is charging.

My new phone is the EYE OF SAURON.

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