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I went to the Farmer's Market this morning and walked out with a literal armload of fresh basil...five bundles. PESTO PESTO PESTO.

The last few days were okay. I drove down to shaylith's Mom's house down in Kooskia (never been there before) and stayed overnight on Thursday, which was awesome. We introduced Deb to Munchkin (she won!) and played Scattergories and just hung out and had fun. It felt great. The next morning, I used Kooskia as a jumping-off point to go sample on the Lochsa River all day. Because the road following the river is so windy and narrow, I had to park the car where I could and then walk back to areas that looked interesting, which was a little hard on a hot day, and a little hair-raising with all the fast traffic. But the road was pretty, and I got some samples. I think it's a hybrid zone, which makes me nervous.

Then I drove back up to Moscow, which took about three hours, and that was about all.

I'm well over my allotted phone minutes for this month, which makes me grumpy. I'm also grumpy that Carrie gave my lawn chairs to Goodwill this weekend and didn't ask me. >:( Those were my stargazing chairs!

But mostly I just feel kinda down. I need to get out of this funk. I need de-funking spray. Maybe Febreeze.

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