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I have a tooth in the upper right side of my jaw that's been incredibly sensitive to sweets in the last few weeks. I got some sensitive toothpaste and hoped it would go away, but I ate a gummy Life Saver (tropical) in my office yesterday, and after the steely pain stopped lancing through my entire head, I called the dentist.

I was incredibly impressed (Bearable Dentistry is awesome). They got me in within an HOUR (which is about 72 hours earlier than I thought they would), checked me out, and found that I had a teensy tiny hole in the margin of The Only Filling I Have Ever Had.* It didn't show on the X-ray, but he found it with the mirror.

They filled it right then and there, so now I can eat cookies again. They also asked if I wanted nitrous oxide, and since it was free and I'd never tried it, I said sure.

Whoa. I think this qualifies as the only time I have ever been truly high, and it was strange. My symptoms included:
1. Feeling extremely witty.
2. Weak feeling in limbs and joints.
3. Fell down once.
4. Reader's Digest suddenly became very hard to comprehend.

I was amused.

Does anyone know how to protect your dental work? I had a chipped tooth once that needed repair, and the repair work fell off earlier this year...and then this filling degrades. I want my dental work to last.

*I always took good care of my teeth and was extremely proud that I'd never had a cavity. And then I got one, when I was 22, in a part of my mouth where the teeth are very tight-fitting. My little overachieving heart was broken.

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