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Doc and Carrie were gone this weekend, as were some friends of theirs (the Kaags), who asked me to take care of their dogs. So between the two couples, I've been in charge of two cats, one dachshund, one golden retriever, two hyenas, and a grizzly bear for the last few days.

The grizzly (an ENORMOUS mastiff cross named Bear) was supposed to be taking arthritis medication every day, in pill form. The Kaags didn't factor in that Bear, who will very obediently take the pill from the alpha male (Don) will not take it from an insignificant pissant like me. I was stumped for a day, until I went to Safeway and bought a pound of ground beef to mold around the pill. Problem solved.

Today was a tidy-up day, since for the last few weeks I've been coming home and leaving my clothes, paperwork, books and dishes where they drop, so the upstairs was a sty. I picked up the floor, did laundry, put the books away, washed all the dishes, took the garbage and recycle out, washed a bunch of outside windows, tended to some plant issues (dratted scale), and fed and watered all the pets. It's been busy. It's also been extremely hot, so doing all of the above in various states of dress/undress was interesting.

I'm not sure what's going to happen with the school stuff, but it was nice to have a day off from worrying and let my hair grow back a little.

The smoke from all the fires here turned the moon blood red last night. o_O It's a sign! It's a portent! It means I have to call soddcutter!

::does so::

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