Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

I was interviewed this morning by a freelance writer from the New York Times, who is doing a story on shipboard education in general and Semester at Sea in particular. I thought he was going to ask me about my experiences and thoughts on the voyage and my growth after it was over, but no. He wanted to know about pranks.


I tried to tell him about some of my favorite experiences or thoughts about what I felt and learned, and at one point he interrupted and was like "yeah, but did you, you know, throw water balloons or anything?"

What a goon.

On another topic, does anybody know if drinking sparkling water is bad for you in any way? I don't really like flat water (especially from this aquifer), but I'm trying to drink less juice because I don't want the sugar. I like sparkling water and I feel virtuous that I'm drinking a lot of water lately, but I just wondered if there's any reason I shouldn't (aside from using up a lot of plastic bottles, even though I do recycle them all).

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