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Life is pretty great right now. My mom is here visiting, which I always like. Wr give each other tons of crap and still have a great time. I made her eggplant parmesan the other day, which she loved, and we shopped around town a bit. We visited my brother last night and had Thai food, at a restaurant I didn't even know existed in Pullman. The service was kind of bad. I asked a harassed-looking waitress if they were short handed and she said, "well, I quit last month." O_O

Mom also helped me in the lab this weekend, packing tips and filling my bottles with tubes of sterile water for the autoclave, which saved me several hours of work while I ground leaves and did my ethanol precipitation. I also got good DNA results today. Squee! I now have lots of DNA representation from Washington, Idaho, and some from Oregon and British Columbia. All that remains is to finish the California samples I started today, and I'll be able to start a preliminary tree.

We had lunch with Pam today, so I was finally able to prove to them both that they are, in fact, the same person.

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