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I realized I haven't updated in a while, so here's the quick and dirty:

*I am fine
*Tyler is back. I got him in Spokane last week and all is bliss. I missed him so much.
*He's also been a huge help this week in the lab and herbarium, doing some grunt work for me like packing tips, grinding leaves, and extracting. It's saved me a lot of time.
*Steve is dying. There are days when he just feels sick and days when he doesn't recognize his own children, or doesn't understand how to speak anymore. There's more, but I'll not say it here, except to say that cancer is a heartless bitch that takes everything you have.
*Working hard in the lab, as usual. It was partly to try and get an answer for Steve, and now that I have one, he's not lucid enough to hear it. Still, it's good progress for academics' sake.
*Tyler and I drove to Walla Walla today and collected my Very Last Samples up on Mill Creek Road, a tiny backwater drainage that wanders up into the mountains and just over the Oregon border.
*It was really great having my Mom here the week before last. Also got some comfy new clothes.
*Car damaged but fixed (small rock stuck in rotor = scary noise).
*I miss home.

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