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Damn you, corpse of Robert Heinlein!

How To Design Any Character in a Robert A. Heinlein Book
A tutorial!

Physical Appearance
Male: Not mentioned, unless character has an unusual feature like a bionic arm.
Female: Always tall, "shapely," usually blonde (but sometimes a brunette or redhead IF other blondes are present), "lovely structure," "imposing mountains," goddesslike.

Male: Not mentioned.
Female: Tight "painted on" dresses, transparent dresses, breast pads.

Male: High
Female: High

Male: Soft-spoken but always in charge, very paternal regardless of age.
Female: Impulsive, never fully aware of self or surroundings, emotional, and always defers to male decisions and opinions, particularly when threatened with spankings.

When in distress, seeks out a:
Male: Computer, other male.
Female: Male.

Common Nicknames
Male: "Man," "Brother."
Female: "Little girl."

Overall Usage Across Storylines
Male: Critical character.
Female: Prop.

As much as I enjoy his stories, I don't think I ever really understood what it meant to "objectify" women until I read them. I started The Moon is a Harsh Mistress last night and was enjoying it until he introduced the first female character, and then I was all "Got-DAMMIT, he did it AGAIN!"

Yes, I know I'm reading a 60's book with 2000's eyes, and the characters were considered very strong and revolutionary in their day, BUT STILL.

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