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Things are still going okay. I found myself getting increasingly depressed and frustrated last week, despite a lot of successes (95% on my phylogenetics paper for ConsGen, successfully sequences nearly all of my 2005 samples at the PSBA locus, which doubled my dataset). I chalked it up to just feeling in a rut. My classes are pretty long and tedious, and going between them and the same lab tasks day after day was starting to wear on me. I just needed to do something different.

Tyler and I tried to do something different on Sunday, my day off. We went to Brused Books in Pullman to look at books (closed) and to two nurseries and a grocery store to look at plants for him (one nursery closed). I did find a neat picture book at the other nursery (a Christmas story featuring a crow, so I was totally helpless), and Tyler ended up picking out a beautiful white orchid at Safeway. I was a little sad, because it's exactly the orchid I would have chosen for myself if I had the time to learn how to raise an orchid, but I'm glad he got something so pretty to replace his wire plant, and he's happy too.

After the various shopping attempts, we went and knocked around Idler's Rest for an hour or two, hiking around the woods, climbing logs, and swinging on various rope swings. It was nice. :)

Tyler's been really helpful in the lab lately (still). He's presently grinding up my Lochsa and Umatilla samples, which will be the last of my samples to ever be extracted, thank heavens. I'm currently trying to do PCR on all my remaining 2006 samples and get those sequenced for the PSBA locus. When that's done, I think my dataset will be halfway finished. Then I'll move on to a different locus. I need at least two, and I would like the second one to be a little more variable, thank you very much.

I'm proud of myself that I managed to figure out a good kind of pipette tip that will work on my regular Oxford pipetters and my ancient multichannel Transferpette. It took a few calls to Fisher and a lot of looking through their catalogue, which is so huge that it's actually hardbound. I think they should arrive on Wednesday, which is good, because my gels are on hold until I have tips for that Transferpette.

I also want to try and get to the Rec Center at least three times a week. I never seem to have the time, but I feel so good when I go. It gets me out of the lab world for an hour, and then I have serious endorphins for the rest of the day.

Okay, I think that is all.

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