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Jeeeez, I've been unposty for a while. Let's catch up. Here's what I did over break:

*Went home guilt free, aw yeah. We left on Saturday because I was worried about pass conditions, but it was fine.

*Spent 5 hours in Bed Bath and Beyond with Tyler, registering for our wedding. It was interesting...tedious because of the time and thought involved, but fun to be planning for our future. I feel really uncomfortable asking for wedding gifts from people, but it was still a great way to plan, especially because anything on our registry that we don't receive, we can buy for ourselves at 10% off. Nice. We found cool silverware we liked and some awesome sheets and kitchen supplies, but we decided to wait on a number of things (like mixing bowls) that we can buy at farmer's markets and pottery shops with a lot more beauty and soul.

*Also went to Storables for more glass jars for my grains (one broke on the way home) and to World Market for some food and Christmas presents.

*Had my first wedding dress fitting, with a muslin mock-up Carolyn made. I was impressed at how close it was to what I wanted, right on the first try. The hem needed to be higher, the neckline needed to be curvier, and the shoulder straps needed to be thinner, but other than that, it was great. She changed all of that at my second fitting later in the week, and lengthened the fishtail a bit too. Now I just need to get back to the rec center on a regular basis.

*Got my hair cut, and helped Mom with some clothes shopping (for her) and Christmas shopping (for Dad...levels and chocolates, etc.).

*Drove Tyler to the train station to go to Vancouver to see Jeni for a few days.. Discovered train was derailed (freight accident, no injuries), drove him downtown to bus station and lived. Picked him up at 9:45 PM Thanksgiving night.

*Scoped out Save-the-Date cards for our wedding.

*Had an eye appointment/checkup and got new contacts...disposables, for the first time ever. This type is supposed to be better for my lab-tired and computer-tired eyes. We'll see. I also have a tester pair that's bad near-vision but fantastic far-vision, which were interesting to wear outside. I felt like a superhero.

*Cooked Thanksgiving dinner (sweet potatoes, about a thousand tiny purple potatoes--peeled and mashed, peas, rolls, organic free-range turkey), dealt with clogged sink crisis (solved), set table, cleared table, laughed a lot, put leftovers away, washed dishes. Ate pumpkin pie. Yum.

*Drove to Port Angeles with Tyler to scope it out as a potential place to settle and work after graduation. Mountains got an A+, ocean got an A+, work prospects A+, commercial area a B, residential area a D-. Must find a good place to live that doesn't suck out our souls. Got lots of reading material and am looking at jobs.

*Procrastinated a little on my second huge assignment in ConsGen that's worth 30% of my grade, but did get a good solid chunk of work time on Saturday.

*Called shaylith in Deutschland and chatted for a lovely hour. I miss you!

*Drove back on Sunday amidst huge backup of cars on Snoqualmie Pass, snow, and wind. The view was great, though. Jason's car had broken down over break, so we drove them back too. Jason forgot his comforter at home, so we took him to Shop-Ko to get a new one for the last 2 weeks of school. Left the house at 10:00, got to Moscow at 7:30.

This is a FANTASTIC website:

Lame observation: if I lose my student ID card here on campus and it's turned into the Info desk or the Vandal Card office, they do not call me to let me know that they have it. I just have to call all of them every day or so. Not efficient. Also, a replacement card is about $10 if lost, but free if you just want to exchange your old card for a new one and new photo. This means I am hesitant to report my lost card, which puts the building at risk. It also means I can't go to the rec center, so I need to pony up, but still...not good.

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