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Advice: Never shop for cheap, basic craft-project fishing line in a state that is very serious about fishing.

I am doing...okay. The blistering cold front last week (5 degrees F) finally passed, leaving us with about 6 or 7 inches of snow, a few ice layers, and it's now a relatively balmy 28 degrees. That's fine. Last week was not. You know it's cold when you get an ice cream headache walking to the car, and there's no ice cream in sight.

I turned in my monsterous grizzly bear genetics research paper for Conservation Genetics. 11 questions, 37 pages. I worked on early last week until Wednesday, where I sat and worked on it for about 19 straight hours (10 AM Wednesday to 5 AM Thursday). Of course, the printer ran out of ink printing it (how do they always know?). I don't think I've had to do a hard marathon session of writing like that more than a handful of times in my life.

Now I'm:
*working with Jess to finish our presentation on molecular clocks (this Thursday)
*working with my Population Genetics group to finish our homework for Thursday (our evil prof packed it with derivations and we're stuck)
*wishing my month-long sore throat/grossness would go away
*scrambling to find Christmas prezzies for a few people (like Secret Santa for the herbarium)
*hand-painting some ornaments for the herbarium tree
*trying to reestablish a reliable gym routine
*and improve my posture to get rid of a huge burning knot behind my right scapula. OW.

I am also very happy because Tyler and I will be spending Christmas day together for the first time this year, at my house. YAAAAAAAAAAAY.

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