Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

For Dorothy

My grandmother died today...the only one of my three grandladies I ever called "grandma". She was 92.

She always bought me chocolate milk whenever I flew out to see her, even though I never asked her. She gave rides to other elderly people that couldn't drive themselves, most 15 or 20 years her junior.

She broke her neck 4 years ago and still had the scars in her forehead where the screws from her halo dug into the skin. She made me a baby blanket when I was born.

She liked to watch Walker: Texas Ranger, Dr. Quinn, and Touched By an Angel. She raised 6 children, three before WWII and three after, and still kept boarders to earn a little extra money.

She loved Snickers, cut into tiny pieces. She taught me how to catch fireflies in her backyard.

She loved everyone she knew with her whole heart, without reservation. She was among the kindest, most gentle people I have ever known, and I am honored to have her blood flow in my veins.

I love you, grandma.

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