Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

I would like it known that I did two Good Deeds last week (or the week before).

1. I attended a dissertation defense on the Elwha Dam, and did not make any remarks to the presenter or his committee when I noticed that one of his opening statements regarding The Monkey Wrench Gang had been taken verbatim from the Wikipedia article on the book, which I had read 5 minutes before the presentation started as a review. Good presentation otherwise.

2. I showed a frantic Ph.D student how to make dotlines in Word the day her dissertation was due, as her advisor had expressed unhappiness with the page numbers in the table of contents not lining up perfectly. I also wrote up the procedure and posted it in the lab for the general good of the populace, since I have to make dotlines myself every year or so and always forget how in the interim (looking it up is a bit of a pain, but no longer).

Karma please.

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