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I always wind up with some form of lotion or cream for Christmas, generally from a well-meaning grandparent or two. I don't mind it much, except I always have more than I can possibly use and the stuff tends to pile up (I have a bottle of raspberry lotion in my office from four Christmases ago). This year, it was a jar of Sarah Michaels lotion from my grandmother. The interesting thing is that, because the texture is like an extremely thick paste, and the scent is "Vanilla Sugar," the sensation is not unlike smearing my feet with frosting. My feet, most seriously, smell like Christmas cookies. If Tyler didn't loathe cutesy pet names, I'd fully expect to wind up being called something like Cookietoes within a week.

It's been warm (lower 40's) the last day or so, melting some of the snow heaped around town, but the big windstorm we've been having this evening is supposed to be followed by a few days of temperatures down in the single digits. I can see clouds of snow blowing past the streetlight outside and am wishing I hadn't left my gloves at school.

The Spring semester starts tomorrow, although I only have my one class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (9:30) and a lab on Monday nights. I'm hoping to squeeze in an 8:30 pilates class before this phylogeny class twice a week. I want to be more positive this year, letting lab or school problems weigh me down less, and doing more fun things to keep my mood afloat. I'm already noticing I'm not taking my lab problems so personally, which is a big step up. Plus, I've learned enough now that when something goes wrong, I can usually deduce the reason. Funny how much that helps.

Current Book: Still The Vampire Lestat, because I took two days off from it to reread Interview With the Vampire yesterday, and to unintentionally stay up all night reading Into Thin Air the night before that.

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