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HP Desktop Festerjet

When the herbarium decided to start producing an annual newsletter three years ago, the huge costs of printing 8-page full color packets en masse necessitated getting a large, high-quality printer capable of handling 11 x 17 paper to just do it ourselves (we also used to have an ink refill service on campus). We ended up with a nice HP 9650 and it's done a beautiful job for us.

However, it's a tempermental piece of equipment. It can be a little edgy and mean to people that don't fully know how it works or what it wants, and in between jobs, it often sits there and mumbles to itself, moving the ink carriage back and forth and occasionally digesting blank pieces of paper. Based on this personality, I christened the printer "Fester."

This did not sit well in the herbarium. Our computers are all named after genera of showy flowers, like lilies. There was some dissent about what I'd done, but by that time, the name had already stuck. Pam wanted me to give it a plant name, which I agreed to do if it was a sufficiently mean plant (like a nettle), but eventually that just drifted away and Fester remained.

But as I sit here in the herbarium printing newsletters, listening to Fester grumble, shake the table, and smirk about sending me sprinting to the store for a new cartridge on a national holiday, I know I named him well.

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