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I'm not mad, I just think it's funny.

Here's how my day has gone so far:

Me: "Time to go to the herbarium and get some hours in. I think I'll print newsletters, now that Jory fixed the printer last week (after I waited all day)."

::hits "print"::

Fester: "Ha ha! I will now spontaneously have the exact problem as last week, because I am tired of this refilled color cartridge."
Me: "Dammit. New cartridge time."
Stack of New Cartridges: "DISAPPEAR'D!"
Bookstore: "CLOSE'D!"
Me: "Fuck."

::drives to Office Depot and buys new color cartridge, fixes printer::
::newsletters print for an hour::

Fester: "Ooh, I think I need a new BLACK cartridge now."
Me: "Hey! The photo caption on the first page got cut off!"

::fixes caption on computer, saves changes::
::more newsletters print for an hour::

Me: "HEY! I FIXED that caption!"
Caption: "HA ha!"
Me: "Is my water cold yet?"
Water That Has Been In The Fridge For Four Hours: "NO!"
Me: "I suppose I'll just print out the captions separately and glue them onto the page separately."

::prints new captions, cuts them into squares::

Me: "I should be very careful that I don't drag these papers through the glue and glue the newsletters together."
Two Newsletters: "Whoops, we'll get right on that."


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