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I am grouchy about my wedding guest list. I am grouchy because I am inviting people that I don't really want to be there (certain family), but I have to invite because people would remark on their absence if I didn't and it would reflect badly on me. I am grouchy because I am not inviting others (certain family) because I hardly know them, and other family members don't like it. I am grouchy because I want my herbarium friends to be there, but I can't invite one of them without inviting all of them, and all their spouses, and all their kids, which I can't afford, and I don't know how to make that fly when all of them will be at my wedding shower Pam's throwing me in a few months. I am a huge bucket of grouchiness, and I'm grouchy that I'm grouchy.


(don't worry, I'm not grouchy about inviting you) :)

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