Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Bodily Musings

I burned the roof of my mouth and the side of my tongue rather badly last week. It was from a spoonful of hot refried beans, which plastered themselves onto my palate so quickly that the damage had already been done by the time I had scrabbled for my water glass and gulped it down. It was interesting to feel the full process of healing over the course of a week...pain, numbness, a day of blisters, a day of open wounds and bleeding, and several days of sharp soreness before the wound became smooth and largely okay. I'm looking forward to being able to eat something besides mush and soft noodles.

I started taking a pilates course last week, on the advice of the person making my wedding dress (ouch). I like it pretty well. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be...repetitive stretching and moving in strenuous poses, to the point that I was sometimes completely unable to move my limbs any more. It was painful, but I could definitely feel that it was exercising the areas I wanted to focus on (stomach, thighs). I decided to stick with that on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and do my aerobic exercise (30 minutes of ellipticals) the rest of the weekdays, with rest on the weekends. I decided to abandon the ab exercises I usually do now that I have pilates. I still want to keep up with the chin-up exercises, but I did something scary to my arm on Tuesday and I want to make sure it's better before I bug it again. It seems fine now.

I feel better about the way my body looks when I'm actively working out, even if I feel it's not where I want it at that time. Being on a certain trajectory makes a big difference in my mind. I think I've already seen a difference in my muscle tone, but it's only been a week, so I might be making it up.

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