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Despite weeks of foggy nights and morning hoarfrost, the season is on the move. The earliest of the hyacinths and crocuses have broken ground (and promptly been nibbled by hungry rabbits), and late every night, chains of geese and ducks call as they soar overhead. I heard my first red-winged blackbird this morning, and saw a tree packed with friendly robins yesterday.

Things are mostly okay. I'm still having trouble in the lab...stuff that's supposed to work doesn't work, and what does work turns out to not be useful. I'm trying to not let it get me down.

I also need to study for my first exam a week from Thursday. It's on deep phylogenetics...theory, methods of alignment, methods of optimization...and it's going to be really tough. And the prof is on my committee.

I am happy to announce that the save-the-date cards are finally finished and are booted out the door, so they should be arriving any time. The international ones were interesting. The postage for shaylith's card to Germany only came in 5 and 10 cent increments, so the envelope is covered in stamps like something Mrs. Weasely would send.

Still need to figure out cake and food, email wedding party with details, and talk to spadoink.

Much to do.

Pilates is hard.

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