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I am impressed by the nerve, I admit.

Mailed out save-the-date cards on Monday.

Got an email this morning from a relative asking me if there was any way I could change the wedding date.


No. No, I cannot change the date. The wedding is on a Thursday because we save several thousand dollars in costs by not having it on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. We know some people won't be able to make it because they work. This is why we are giving plenty of notice. Most of the guests are either coming a long way and will have to take time off anyway, or they are retired (like you). We reserved the place last summer. We mailed out save-the-date cards to over a hundred people at the beginning of the week. Cards with hotel reservation info. No, we are not changing the wedding date.

Is is ridiculous for a wedding guest to email the bride and ask the happy couple to move their wedding date, or am I just crazy?
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