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What's in a name?

It's strange to feel so frustrated and so shallow at the same time. I spent the better part of an hour trying to register here to get a journal, not because of any fault of the website, but because I *couldn't decide on a name*. Really. I honestly have so many nicknames that I like that I couldn't decide on one. It took forever to finally pick "WaterDragon", and then I found that it was taken.

I feel like the newbie in Hackers that's trying to pick a handle; something dark and threatening, even though he's so worried about his hacker image he can hardly stand it. "How about the Master of Disaster? Doctor Doom!?" I like that movie.

Jason's going to hurt me, but his main internet handle reminds me of that character. He's BlackCrusader.

Oh, and big thanks to Shaylith, by the way, who helped me set this up. Everyone has to wish her luck, okay? She leaves for New Zealand tomorrow, and I'm not going to see her for a whole year. Dana, bring me back a hobbit, okay?

I have an option here of posting my current mood. I think it shows up with a little cat graphic. The possible moods I could pick are way more varied than I thought they would be. There's a lot of moods here that I'm a little curious about, to see what it does to the cat graphic (bitchy, apathetic, quixotic, recumbent, weird). Others, I'm not so sure (horny). I'm temped to check "indescribable", to see how the artist described it.

I should head to bed, I think. I stayed over at Tyler's last night, and for the first time in awhile, the sun was beginning to rise as I left. Spring is coming (in the distance), and so is my spring sleep-schedule. I hibernate this time of year, but as I found last year, getting up with the dawn (around 4-5ish) is a wonderful, wonderful thing, and it's easier for me in springtime. So I need to start moderating my bedtime a bit. Now the question is whether or not to sleep in. I'll probably do the usual wake-up-early-and-read-in-bed-for-three-hours routine. I love my Tuesdays and class 'till 2 (Current book: All Creatures Great and Small...or "Amie-June's Veterinarian Book" as dubbed by Andrew Clarke).

Maybe I should post some of my prospective handles here. The Graveyard of Unchosen Names.

Nighty Night,
AutumnWinds (and Imbria, and AltairLight, and RavensTempest, and WaterDragon, and Nimue...)

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