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>murph, snuzzle<

My new futon is nice. :)

Had a pretty nice, relaxing labor day weekend. Did some grocery shopping Saturday morning (hurrah for the farmer's market!), and spent the entire rest of the weekend hanging out at the pasture. Made some chocolate chip banana walnut muffins, played on the swings at the park, worked on some sewing projects, did my readings for my two philosophy classes (my Ephil professor assigned us *twelve* >grimace<), went back to the park, played on the swings some more. Sunday was super-windy, so I wore my longest, flowiest skirt. Swinging is fun in a skirt like that. So is walking around.

Finally got our living room organized, and it looks pretty fantastic. Mike's grubby old comfy couch on Kim's rug, shaggy green muppet carpeting, huge bookcase full of my books, Tyler's bar table and stools on my rug, Kim's candles and huge radio, and my art hung up all over the place. One wall has a huge montage of about 10 or 12 topographic maps, showing all the places I traveled this summer. It's quite huge, and quite neat-looking.

Watched Almost Famous twice. Went back to the park, pushed little kids on the swing. Talked to the family. Generally a pleasant, relaxing weekend. :) :) :)

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