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I have many peeves about my Pilates class. Such as:

1. The teacher making exaggerated noises of faux-weariness with every rep.
2. The teacher counting down our reps, then chatting about the weather or going to help someone and either picking up the count from where she left off (while we've been working in the meantime), or forgetting about us entirely.
3. Using the rings. These are firm, flexible hoops a bit bigger than a basketball. I don't mind holding them in my hands for crunches, but holding them between my knees or ankles without then slipping out or squipping out to shoot off somewhere is frustratingly hard for me. I have a lot of fat around my knees, so it's hard to hold the ring firmly without it moving around, and the ankles is just a pain. I hates them rings.
4. The teacher cheerily saying "oh, wasn't that easy!"
5. The floor. Our class is in a dance room with a very hard, unforgiving wood floor. We have mats (I use two), but they're so thin that they don't help much. I'm fine with about 90% of the exercises, but the other 10%, after a certain amount of repetition, become agonizing as my knees, hips, or vertebrae get ground into the floor.

And I know that a lot of the frustration just depends on my mood for that day, but it still gets to me.

It's not like I don't have a choice, I know. I'm doing it because I want to do it.

However, today was a good day, and I'm not exactly sure why, because it was a good deal harder. We had a new toy to use today...9 lb bars, about 4 feet in length. We either used them to lift in our hands during crunches, or laid them on top of our legs (parallel) to use in our leg lifts. And even though the motion was harder, the overall exercise seemed easier.

I don't think it was because concentrating on balance distracted me from the exercise difficulty, because the rings do that and I hate it. It just felt like I was getting more of a deep, full workout. And it was immensely satisfying.

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