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6:45: Wake up.
8:00: Drive to school. Realize I forgot to print out the notes for my 9:30 class (they're posted around 7:45 AM, so it's a narrow window).
8:15: Arrive at my office after running from the parking lot. Lock up my laptop, grab my binder. Get keys from the lab to the herbarium. Run to the herbarium to print the class notes. Run to the Rec Center for Pilates.
8:35: Arrive at the Rec Center after Pilates has already started. Get a locker, go to the locker room, realize that I forgot my gym bag. And class would be more than half over by the time I got it and came back. Go work in the herbarium until 9:20.
9:30: Class starts. Suddenly realize that the prof is not starting with the notes he posted that morning...he's finishing the lecture from last week. The lecture for which he made a mistake and only posted the first 3 pages of a 10 page lecture, so I still don't have the notes.

It was the most inefficient morning ever.


1. I sent out two whomping loans in the herbarium (2 boxes to UW, 1 to OSU, about 475 specimens),
2. Had a good meeting with my advisor about the good committee meeting I had yesterday. I don't have to do AFLP's. I can stop my lab work. I DO have to spend a lot of time doing some very hard computer analyses (coalescents, nested clade, etc., alternate gap weighting, etc.), but it's still a step in the right direction.
3. Tyler shared his chips and green chile because I forgot my lunch (love).
4. I got an A on my systematics exam.
5. It is gloriously sunny and warm outside...about 62.

So all in all, things got better.

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