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We haven't even met yet, and already Forestry 481 is a pain in the butt.

481 (Senior Project Presentation) is the follow-up to 480, Senior Project Planning. All we ever did in 480 (we didn't meet at all...only had one meeting, at the very beginning of the year) was make sure we got an internship or a thesis started, have our advisor check our resumes, write a 6 page proposal, and then cut up the proposal and glue it to a poster, so we could stand by it and look pretty for the presentation. What a waste of time.

481 is basically the same class with the same tasks, only you cross out "will" and write "did."

I was supposed to have its first and only meeting yesterday at 9:30, same time as my Honors Ethics class.

1. I had to explain to Dr. Snyder that I'd miss that day, so I could arrange to take today's quiz at a different time (he didn't like that, but eventually agreed).

2. Then he had a family emergency and is now in Austin with his dad, so I had to go through the whole song-and-dance with the substitute, Dr. Gier.

3. I left the pasture an hour early this morning to meet Dr. Gier and take the quiz in advance...and he never showed up.

4. I go to the 481 meeting and Dr. Newcombe and I were the only ones to show up.

5. Meeting rescheduled, so I have to do the whole routine again *next* week, and

6. Dr. Newcombe suddenly decided that 481 should meet every other week so we students can interact, which not only sucks, but will also force me to miss 25% of my Honors Ethics
classes (obviously unacceptable) unless I can convince him to switch to a different time. >twitch<

That certainly came out of nowhere, considering that 481 isn't supposed to meet, which is why it doesn't appear on my time schedule. >twitch again

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