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Two Stories

1. When I was in Venezuela, we spent a day hiking up a low mountain to get a view of the rainforest around us. But the mountaintop was hot and glaring, and I wanted to escape the bugs, so I ate my lunch farther back on the trail, in the cool of the woods. It hadn't rained in some time, and I found a comfortable seat on a boulder that was covered in dessicated moss.

While I was eating, I accidentally slopped some of the water from my Nalgene onto the rock. Within one minute, every frond of moss that had been touched by the liquid had absorbed it, filled out, and turned from pale yellow to deep emerald.

And that is how I feel when I come home to Seattle.

2. My first year in the dorms, I was sitting at my desk, reading a book and listening to music on my computer. Suddenly, without my having even done anything on it, my computer flashed the Blue Screen of Death and crashed spectacularly. I wracked my brain trying to think of what I could possibly have done to offend it...some program, some motion, anything...and the only thing that I could think of was that the song on my Winamp had just changed over. That's all.

And that is why I am afraid of the song "Black Hole Sun."

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