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Wedding Cakery (Sunday)

I drove home for Spring Break last Saturday. However, I knew it wasn't going to be a week of rest and relaxation, but a week of highly-concentrated wedding planning. It started on Sunday, with a meeting with a prospective wedding cake baker.

Mom and I drove up to Everett to meet with Sue at 1:00 PM. Sue works a day job but has been making wedding cakes on the side for 20 years. It turned out to be a really nice appointment. We discussed the shape of the cake and how many people it had to feed. We talked about which types of cakes are more popular than others, so we know which tiers should be which type. We talked about how buttercream holds up well in the heat and cream cheese does not. We sampled delicious little cakelets.

And then I happened to ask a decorating question that turned into a frantic 20-minute creative brainstorm that everyone liked so well that Sue AND my mom started crying. And in case Tyler wants to keep the decor secret, I'm not posting it until he says okay.

After that, we ran errands. We went to the Indian grocery store and I picked up some cheap spices and a case of mango pulp. We went to the Paper Zone and got some gel pens for Mom. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got Mom the same tablecloth I bought at Christmas that she's coveted ever since. We went to Super Jock n' Jill and got Tyler some new running shoes. And so on.
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