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Wedding Catery (Tuesday)

Today was meet-with-a-caterer day.

The meeting place was up in Everett somewhere, at a Starbucks. The owner, Linda, was very nice. Because I'm new at this, we spent a lot of time talking about stuff I hadn't anticipated, such as what time the rental people can drop off linens, or plastic flatware vs. china.

The second issue turned out to be a hard one for me. I wanted china because it's nicer, and because it doesn't generate a ton of plastic garbage. The problem is that it necessitates a pickup by the rental people (costly), and that it, quite literally, costs 10 times what plastic does ($5 vs. $0.50). We decided to go plastic, and reduce our ecological footprint by resolving to wash the stuff and give it away or save it for camping and picnics. This will save us about $700. O_O

The menu stuff was actually pretty easy, since I'd looked online and already knew what I wanted. We talked about delivery times and setup times and cleanup times, the costs of servers, the difference between fruit displays and fruit salad, cake cutting, the fact that it's cheaper for me to provide soft drinks than have them bring them, and what exactly makes a bread "rustic" (translation: crusty, with seeds). Overall, I liked her. She seemed very honest and upfront about the whole thing. I didn't feel like I was being pressured at all.

I also appreciated that right off the bat, she told me that the price she'll propose to me (sometime soon) is a worst-case scenario; she's assuming the most expensive options, and we work our way down from there by simplifying. I liked that. It's a lot better than being quoted a low price and being bankrupted by add-ons.

After the meeting, Mom and I went to the caterer's restaurant in downtown Everett, to sample a little of their food. Unfortunately, the quiche we tried was only so-so, which I'm a little worried about. We stopped on the way home for some cajun food and movies, then spent the evening reading books, munching, and watching Bridget Jones' Diary.
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