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The Small Stuff (Wednesday)

Mom and I spent this day doing a little of this and that, but we mostly took it easy. She got her nails done, I stayed home and made phone calls. I also did some housing research, as Tyler had been offered a job in North Bend and we were having problems finding an inexpensive place to live (read: no pool, spa, gas fireplaces, views, high ceilings, or clubhouse). Very limited success.

When she got back, we made a trip down to Third Place Books, where I picked up one book and put two more on hold (a book on the Skull and Bones secret society, and Orwell's 1984...I don't know why I love dystopian fantasy). Then we got Indian food, went home, and watched the second Bridget Jones movie, which we both agreed lacked narrative. I did more internet research, played Kingdom of Loathing, and called it a night.
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