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6:30 AM: Woozily wake up from the sort of dreams one would expect from having stayed up late the night before reading 1984.

7:00 AM: Realize that my favorite sheets, which are only 3 years old and are alternated with another set of sheets, ripped down the middle sometime during the night. Get ready for school.

8:45 AM: Get to school. While walking from parking lot, covered glass bowl containing my lunch squipps out of my hands and smashes on the pavement. Lunch (leftover mashed potatoes) totally unsalvagable. Pick up broken glass and go to work. Am somewhat depressed, as it extremely rare that I am even remotely organized enough to have something good for lunch.

9:00-12:00 AM: Work on my sequences. I had already catalogued all the differences between the sequences at this particular locus and gone back to confirm if they were real or not. Fixed errors, re-exported files, deleted old files, and assembled a new contig. Fixed some alignment problems by hand. Got started on PAUP and had to start over because I hadn't added outgroups yet. Fixed all alignment spacing problems by hand. Corrected some problems with long file names. Had uncomfortable conversation with advisor after asking for help, realizing that he's not willing to help me through every step of the process. Which is understandable, except that a) I'm unclear on the specific tests I need to run, and b) the program I trained on is command-line, and this one is menu-driven. Plus, there are 10,000 different settings to play with for any given analysis.

12:30 PM: Start analysis.

12:50 PM: Booted off computer by Ph.D student.

1:00 PM: Eat improvised lunch of Chex Mix.

1:30 PM: Help prepare and proctor a Dendrology exam.

3:00 PM: Househunting for Port Angeles. Make some calls to realtor companies, get some good leads, check listings and prices.

4:00 PM: Start to fear the future, go home, make cookies.

5:30 PM: Start to fear that I will never graduate, never get a real job or home, and that I will rot in Moscow forever. Transformation into crazy cat lady seems likely.

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