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1. Incredibly windy and gusty outside today. It's a weird feeling to get out of the car and have the wind blow your hair straight UP for a while. Digression: I actually got caught in a dust devil once. It was very exciting. Then I had to walk around and pick up all my stuff.

2. Big test stress.

3. Talked with shaylith today. W00t!

4. We had an awesome thunderstorm this afternoon...dark yellowish clouds, hail, cloud lightning, all the good stuff. I love storms so much. I was stranded on a computer doing the Systematics Lab that Wouldn't Die* at the time, but it was still very very cool. I'd never seen hail coming down at a distance before, and it was streamers.

5. Wanna see the scariest photo retouching site ever? I got to the 6th girl and had to quit.

*The first half of the lab assignment, which wasn't even being graded, involved us using trees we'd done in lab weeks ago, which weren't on the lab computers anymore, so everyone had to do them all over again. We weren't told we'd need them in future labs. This is extra hard because we're using a command-line version of the program, so order of operations counts. The second half of the lab, which IS graded, didn't work. I gave up after two hours and went home. Also, we're all greatly disgrunted that the font in the command handouts (Courier) makes a 1 indistinguishable from a lower case L. This has proved to be a big problem in the last few labs. Soon, soon I shall graduate.

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