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Sometimes it is easier for me to communicate in numbered lists.

1. Test = owned. Me = ecstatic.

2. Tyler and I went to Port Angeles this weekend to scope apartments. Good thing, because the one we liked from the pictures online turned out to be a highway dive not unlike the Norman Bates motel. We found another one we liked much better and applied for it. I'm desperately hoping we get it, not only because I like it so well, but because the alternatives are so bad. The apartment we liked is 70's era (especially the brown leather-like countertops) and definitely housed a smoker at one point, but if we moved in and decorated and opened windows and brought in plants, I'm sure it would be fine. It also has a balcony that opens right up into a cedar's like living in a treehouse. Neat.

3. My sequences from last week all failed, so I'm doing them over today and trying to make up some herbarium hours. Also need to go to discussion lab tonight, and figure out what the problem was with last week's lab that nobody could do. Busy busy.

4. A robin sat on my bedroom windowsill yesterday evening and sang his heart out for a good 10 minutes. It was wonderful.

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