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Happy domestic weekend

Another quiet weekend as Autumn approaches.

Rented some movies for the weekend, new ones I hadn't seen. I liked Coyote Ugly (Friday) and Practical Magic (Saturday), but I've been watching Riding in Cars With Boys for the past two hours, and I'm both bored and depressed. With 40 minutes to go, I'm giving it a rest and updating.

Spent a lot of the weekend trying to clean my bear skull (hey, Feather, you think deflocking is a pain!) and trying not to be queasy. Finished the main body of my quiver today, too, so now my arrows have a place to go (still need to make a shoulder strap. That was the most masochistic sewing project I've done to date. I could have just made a nice, plain, quiver...but oh no, I had to be creative and applique tartan strips on it. And MATCH the STRIPES. >sigh< It looks great, though, so I think it's worth it. :)

Made zucchini chocolate chip muffins and was disappointed. I thought the zucchini would just improve the texture, and it did...but they taste too danged much like zucchini. -_- My own fault.

Lots of reading for school. Inane school assignments. The Pasture's looking better all the time, though. I got my awesome Nightfall poster up for the first time since I bought it three years ago, and loved it so much that I bit the bullet and bought the matching Daybreak poster as well. They look fantastic.

I want to post a stanza from Futurama's Welcome to Robot Hell now, because I think it's funnnny.

Bender: "Just tell me why..."
Robot Devil: "Just read this 55 page warrant."
Bender: "There must be robots worse than I..."
Robot Devil: "We checked around, there really aren't."
Bender: "Then please let me explain, my crimes were merely boyish pranks..."
Robot Devil: "You stole from boy scouts, nuns, and banks!"
Bender: "Aw, don't blame me, blame my upbringing!"
Robot Devil: "Please stop sinning while I'm singing!"

I'm done now.

Sat down on the couch for a few hours yesterday and graded papers (spelling and grammar counts, kiddies, and I am merciless). I was wearing my long skirt and had my glasses pushed down the end of my nose, and was using my red Uniball pen. I felt so teacherish.

And then, of course, there's the matter of the previous post. Hang on while I sort out my entire life.

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