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The last week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. My class project for Systematics, which involved charting a phylogenetic tree for other alder species, has not been working...despite all my experience and confirmation that my reagents were good, I was getting garbage results (sad)*. I visited Kim and her family in her new house on the plateau above Lewiston, and it was wonderful...the house and the visit (happy). Tyler flew to Los Alamos on Saturday to gather up his belongings (pots and pans, tables, bureau, microwave) and drive back (sad). He got back last night with his Mom at 8 PM after a two day drive, and I made us eggplant parmesan with broccoli and ciabatta (happy). We spent this morning packing the trailer and he headed out to Port Angeles at 11 AM (sad). His parents wouldn't let us have his bed at home (sad). Then they decided to buy us a new bed as a wedding present (happy)**. I'm stuck here doing samples while Tyler works in the Olympics (sad). But we're getting our own apartment and finally starting our life together (happy).

My philosophy for this year reminds me of a phrase from one of the animations on the Brunching Shuttlecocks:

God never gives us more depleted uranium than we can carry.

God also never gives us more ice cream sandwiches than we can eat.

*I blew my whole weekend here at the lab desperately running sequences, trying to find a solution. I eventually wound up dropping my PCR product altogether and rerunning the entire reaction with GoTaq instead of regular Taq, which isn't as robust as GoTaq, but easier to use. I used my own experience to calculate a recipe with four replications of varying nucleotide and DNA input concentrations. And I just checked my sequences 20 minutes ago, and they are flawless. As God is my witness, I will never use regular Taq again.

**In the last two weeks, I have managed to get Tyler and I out to Port Angeles to look at apartments, and we got one. I also managed to figure out all the phone and internet stuff and get that ordered and scheduled to connect, and order a new mattress and box spring and have it delivered to a place in Poulsbo where he can pick it up tomorrow, all the while while sequencing data and studying for that test on the 12th. I feel like my icon.

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