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Pam threw me a bridal shower yesterday afternoon. She invited all the women of the herbarium, which was the bulk of the crowd, but also a couple of my local friends (Kim and Cassie) and my mom, who drove out for the weekend. It was AWESOME.

The diabolical laughs everyone's been sharing at work was apparently owed to the fact that everyone was required to bring me one practical gift and one piece of lingerie. That worked out to be 2 camisoles, 5 sexy nighties, a slinky robe, 6 thongs, 1 pair of granny panties, 1 pair of fishnets, and a rainbow feather boa. O_O

The practical stuff was awesome. Carrie got me a red KitchenAid electric mixer, Pam got me a waffle iron. Megan actually asked what I wanted and got me two pieces of Pyrex bakeware (one 13x9", one 8x8"), but they actually have snap-on lids (no more foil or plastic wrap), and as an added bonus, the glass and lids are absolutely grape-ape purple. Cool!

And Kim totally hit one out of the park with a set of gorgeous handmade ceramic mixing bowls, leaf-green with a watery blue stripe through each one. I'd been hoping for a beautiful set of unique mixing bowls (no plastic Wal-Mart stuff), but these were beyond gorgeous. Yay!

The juxtaposition of the practical and sexy was fun. The combination apron, oven mitt, and thong was interesting, as was the rolling pin (wrapped in thong) and meat tenderizer (wrapped in thong).

I should mention here that I don't even wear thongs, so I predict I'll have lots of stuff to shoot at Tyler while he cooks.

I drank four mimosas. My next-door neighbor sent Mom over with an enormous platter of baklava (and a great saucepan). We played two games, the clothespin game (can't say Tyler's name or someone steals your clothespin, Cassie won), and "guess what gifts AJ gets" bingo (Emily and Kim won). One of my guests is half-Indian, so she brought henna and we had a little mehendi ceremony afterwards, and I had all my guests add a little dot to the design on my hand. It was fun.

Good times. Now back to work...

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