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Superfast Update:

*I turned 25 last Wednesday.
*I became an Aunt (almost legally) on May 8th (welcome to the world, Taylor Kate)
*I'm in San Diego right now, meeting Jason and Ilana when they return from Semester at Sea tomorrow morning.
*Dad and I did Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and Tijuana in the last few days, details to follow.
*I get to see my beautiful ship sweep into the harbor tomorrow morning, and I can't wait. Then, my brother. Then, schmoozing with SAS people. Then, I get to BOARD my beautiful ship for a few hours. Yesssss.
*I sent in my application to staff the Spring 2008 voyage. o_O
*All my classes are over forever. I am now a freelance grad student. Must graduate.
*The Handmaid's Tale is a good book.

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