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I just got back from trying on my wedding dress.

I don't like it.

The muslin mock-up of the dress looked fine on me. The dress in the real fabric does not. I look like a tank in a cheap nightgown.

*The embroidery on the bust was taken with absolutely enormous, almost a centimeter. This makes the lines look jagged instead of smooth. I asked "aren't these stitches kind of big?" and she said "no, that's to make the thread shine." The thread, you see, is light blue embroidery floss with a little thread of tinsel in it to sparkle, which I'm worried looks cheap and metallic and wrong.

*The panels in the skirt connect with a seam that goes all the way around my torso under the bust. Not only is the seam VERY noticable, but it means my dress has an empire waist, which I really didn't want. It makes it look like a nightgown. That's the waistline you choose if you're pregnant at the time, to hide the bump.

*The top layer of the gown, which is transparent, is sewn in vertical panels. But because the material is transparent, you can SEE the back of the seam, and the serging. She said the vertical lines were flattering.

*I look absolutely enormous in this dress. I didn't realize that a side effect of shiny fabric was that it accentuates curves and hollows, which means my lumpy abdomen is EXTREMELY evident. I look as wide in side view as I do in the front, and my butt sticks out so far you could rest coffee mugs on it. It is not flattering.

*I asked for a fishtail godet with the material gathered at the small of my back. She said it would only make my butt look bigger (I had just complained about that, it didn't come out of nowhere).

The bottom line is this:
*the dress looks homemade, and not in a good way
*the dress is not flattering on me
*the dress is being made by a family friend who I do not want to offend, and who had been working and planning this with me for about 9 months.

I cried in the car all the way home, I was so upset.

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