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I forgot to tell this story.

A few weeks ago, some vendors from ABI came in to demo and shill this new product. It's a DNA cleaning step before sequencing, which would replace the labor-intensive ethanol precipitation that I do, and the Sephadex that everyone else does. It's supposed to be easier, faster, and give better results. It's also supposed to reduce dye blobs, so they have this whole marketing thing with cute little colored blobs with Elvis hair and Xed-out eyes.

The stuff actually worked really well...I got stronger signal then I ever had, so strong that it was actually unreadable in some of my samples because I overcompensate for weak signal by dumping in more DNA. I was impressed, and it took much less time...about an hour, rather than a whole day.

I should add here that my advisor is the lab manager. He's a little dour and has a very dry sense of humor, and is largely not impressed by marketing people.

At the end of the demo, the marketing guy asked us if we wanted free t-shirts. I asked "what do they look like?" since I don't usually like advertising for other people. He eagerly pulled one out, and it had the product logo and tagline on it.

And I said "I don't think I really want to wear a shirt that says 'proven performance!' on it."

And the vendor's face turned beet red, he started stammering, and my advisor started giggling like a schoolgirl and did not stop for a good 5 minutes.

It was awesome.

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