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Sixty-five fat wedding invitations finally got dragged and booted out the door yesterday.


Scarily, the day before, the lady who owns the lodge called and said my check to pay the balance of our renting the lodge never arrived. o_O Terrified, I started having nightmares of late fees and cancelled bookings and having to do all the dang invitations over again because we had a change of venue.

But then she found my check, and things were fine.

Lab is going okay. I tried the new XTerminator procedure for Monday's sequencing and it didn't work, which meant I spent the rest of the day working to get back to where I was at the beginning of the day. I did the ethanol precip today, which took most of the day with 48 samples, and then polished it off with some leaf grinding, a trip to the copy center to correct a stamp problem at the herbarium, and a nice chat with my advisor in the hallway.

A few stressors are gnawing at me. Must ignore.

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