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I think today was one of the most productive lab days I've ever had.

I started out by loading a plate and setting up three runs for the sequencer (48 samples). They turned out great, by the way.

While those were running, I took my pulverized leaves out of the freezer (from my sampling trip up to Killarney Lake two weeks ago) and did a full DNA extraction on all of them.

When that was done, the other samples were still running in the sequencer, so I shrugged and got the Killarney samples going in a PCR run.

While that was happening, I picked up my shipment of fresh pipet tips and packed about 15 boxes (1500 tips), stopping briefly in the middle to pour a gel.

Then I loaded and started running the gel, and while it ran, I looked at my new sequences and started setting up contigs and cleaning them up.

I almost did everything I possibly could do in the lab. If you count the leaf grinding and ethanol precipitation I did yesterday, I really did do it all from A-Z.

I'm celebrating by having a cup of hot chocolate in my favorite cafe and basking in the glory of a job well done.

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