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Subliminal messages?

When I was little, one of my friends from Montessori school gave me a book of fairy tales for my birthday. It's a hardback book, covered in purple fabric and with letters stamped in gold (it's the one on the right in this eBay auction). The stories tend to be lesser-known ones...Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Thumbelina are the only mainstream ones...and the rest are things like The Golden-Headed Fish, The White Cat, and The Five Wise Words of the Guru.

Anyway, I was flipping through my collection of children's books last night (I have a very good collection) and started reading this book of fairy tales, which I probably hadn't looked through in 15 years. I still enjoyed the stories (they're very well-told), and the pictures are just as great as I remembered.

But one thing was different.

One of the stories, called The Dragon and the Hippogriff, is about the the two aging title characters, and how a scholar wants to study them, and how they escape by doing a vanishing spell and going to Fairyland. Whatever, fine. But the scholar keeps referring to how interested her professor will be in studying these two animals. And the other times I'd read this book, I never noticed anything about the professor's name that she keeps mentioning.

It's Professor Cervix.


I have no idea if this was:
A. a coincidence
B. an in-joke from one of the writers who didn't think anybody would notice, or
C. a misogynist barb aimed at the female scholar in the story, because women in fairy tales are never scholars (well-read sorceresses don't count).

I'm really, really baffled by the whole thing. And kinda amused.

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