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Amazingly, unbelievably, the thing I've hoped for for so long is finally happening. My research is winding down.

I assessed all my samples that had never worked and, over the last several weeks, I've gone through them all and gotten nearly all of them to work, increasing my sample size from about 125 to 180. I've cleaned up all the sequences and figured out which ones have the indel. I've sequenced the other alder species at my 3 invariate loci, and gotten 2 of the 3 to work (Cort's figuring out the third). I've done another sample site up north and extraced and sequenced all my products. I've updated my GIS map.

So, what's left?

*I want to finish my herbarium hours through June, so I have to do about 25 more hours after today.

*I have to clean out my office and download all my research onto my external hard drive.

*I have to finish a handout on my research to date and use it in meetings with two committee members, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday.

*I have to pack (I started a few days ago, so the upstairs is a wreck).

It looks like I will permanently leave Idaho (apart from coming back to defend) in one week.

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