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Oh yeah, and an actual update:

*Knee is doing fine. It still hurts a bit, but I don't need the painkillers anymore, and I'm getting my full range of motion back, little by little (so...tight). The incision marks were surprisingly tiny when I took the bandage off. I expected holes at least the size of a fingerprint, but these were just teensy lines, a few millimeters long.

*Went out to Port Angeles for a few days. Unloaded a ton of Idaho stuff (well, Tyler unloaded the car solo while I slept on the couch), limped around town, ordered my Harry Potter book, unpacked, and took a great drive to Hurricane Ridge. It was gorgeous. And I miss that man I'm marrying. :) No more of this "not being in the same place" stuff.

*Mom and brother had a HUGE fight this weekend. He may move out before long, which I think would be best for all involved.

*Funny story from last week: Jason went fishing at Lake Ballinger and I went with him, just to hang out. There were some kids swimming at the beach, and one had a really nice floating raft-thing (the kind you pull behind speedboats) that drifted away while he was busy. Over the space of about 20 minutes, the raft drifed into some water lilies, which was when the mom noticed it (they were packing up to leave). She told the kid to get it, he refused, and thus began an enormous fight on the lakeside. End result, the kid and the mom both got in the car mad, and the raft was left behind because the kid wouldn't go get it. Twenty minutes later, a fisherman comes by in a boat, I make eyes at him, and now I have a new raft.

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