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Wedding Post 1: The Overview


Where the heck have I been since my last post? Well, I drove to Port Angeles and stayed there for a few days, drove back to Seattle, returned to Port Angeles, and now I'm back in Seattle. And in that space of time, I've had a hell of a lot of wedding stuff to do and plan for. Here's the list of stuff I've done. Details will be in a second post.

What I Did
*Met with caterer to finalize menu and select table linens.
*Got a facial (the best one I've ever had, bar none).
*Waited 2 weeks after the RSVP deadline for late people; made some phonecalls and emails to finalize headcount (invited: 135. coming: 75).
*Emailed final headcount to caterer along with some last-minute questions and site directions.
*Emailed final headcount to cake person, along with last-minute questions and site directions.
*Moved and unpacked all Idaho belongings from Seattle to Port Angeles (Tyler unloaded the car a lot).
*Returned to lodge to count and measure all tables, tent, and plan room assignments.
*Went to flower nursery for table decorations (more in next post), planted everything.
*Finalized processional music.
*Finished reception playlist.
*Ordered flowers (loose flowers...we'll make our own bouquets the day before).
*Fielded about ten thousand emails and phone calls from my grandmother about beer and wine selections and logistics.
*Planned schedule of wedding day.
*Wrote wedding vows.
*Another dress fitting for me.
*A dress fitting for Mom, and unraveling of dress problem (dressmaker had sewn the silk for Mom's dress inside-out, because she thought it looked better that way...I made the phone call and sorted it out, hopefully with no hurt feelings).
*Shopping for Mom's shoes, Mom's new necklace, Mom's first pair of Chacos (ha! influence spreads), and a pair of capris.
*Unpacked some of my old bins in the basement and set aside some stuff for Goodwill. Cleaned out my closet, helped Mom clean out her closet. Found an old pair of khaki cargo slacks I now fit into once more.
*Drove Tyler to REI for new pair of sunglasses. Also went to Gasworks and bought Tyler his first stunt kite.

And some fun stuff too, of course:

*Went to my second bridal shower, hosted by my Aunt Debbie (more in next post). It was great...delicious food, wonderful company (mom, aunt, grandmother, close friends), and no thongs.
*Spent an afternoon and evening with bluemoonshark and shrike30. We went to Michael's for ribbon and mocked all their wedding stuff, went out for Thai food, bluemoonshark took me for a tour of her thesis subject, the tugboat Arthur Foss, and shrike30 took us for a tour of one of his RuralMetro ambulances and dispatch center. All in all, it was a facinating evening.
*Tyler and I finally got up to Hurricane Ridge and spent an afternoon snooping around the ridgeline. There were deer everywhere, and the view was fantastic. I didn't know there was an old ski lift up there. I bought an ice cream and drank in the sights (walking slowly on the knee), but I have no plans to join Tyler when he hikes Switchback Trail.
*Tyler and I also went down to the waterfront one day to check out some wooden ships that had recently docked, and discovered (to my delight) that one was the Lady Washington, better known as the Interceptor in Pirates of the Caribbean and the Enterprise in Star Trek: Generations. We got to go on board and snoop around, and it was great fun to be aboard a vessel once captained by Jack Sparrow AND Captain Picard.
*Jason, Ilana, and I played an awful lot of Twilight Princess. I never thought I'd like a game better than Ocarina of Time, but I Was Wrong.
*Tyler and I spent a day in Port Townsend. We snooped around all my favorite shops in town and then drove up to Fort Warden and explored all the overgrown gun placements I'd haunted as a kid (we went in Autumn, though, so I'd usually had it to myself). Then we went back to town and had some top-notch Thai food before heading back to Port Angeles.

Okay, that's the quick and dirty. Details forthcoming.

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