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Wedding Post 2: The Details

The Dress:
I've had a lot of questions on the state of the dress after my post from a few months back. The answer is: the dress is fine. I'm pretty sure. A few things have changed since then, the most significant of which is that I've lost 25 pounds (safely). That set a few things in motion. First, I don't look pregnant anymore. Second, Carolyn was able to add a stay at my stomach so the dress is more fitted there. Third, Carolyn was able to take the extra fabric left loose after the weight loss and pull it around to the back, so I do have that fishtail effect that I wanted.

The seams in the front are still visible. However, when you look at the dress in sunlight, the translucent fabric acts like a scrim and makes the serging much harder to see. The neckline is better. And the embroidery still bugs me a little, but it looks better outside, and I'm hoping that when everything else is accounted for, it will be a small thing.

Bonus: I really like the veil. It's very sheer and has some sparkle. It's hooked on to my headpiece and cascades down to my knees (not over my face). I think it's very pretty and feminine, but not doesn't feel like it's NOT me.

The Decorations:
I went to Flower World and bought 30 6" terra-cotta pots (short and squat and cute), along with several flats of the summer's annual dregs in 4-packs. Then I took everything home and planted them, 3 plants to a pot, nearly all of them with one lobelia because Tyler likes it. Some have stock, some have verbena, some have creeping Jenny. Then I can have one pot of live, pretty flowers at every table and a few extra to place around the lodge. I also got a big bag of discount ribbon to tie around the pots when we get to the lodge. People can take the pots home afterward if they want.

More later...

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