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I am still avoiding teh internets due to the possibility/probability of Harry Potter spoilage, but here are some points:

*I am a married woman.

Okay, that's the main one.

The wedding went off without a hitch. Everyone that came to help was amazing. Details to follow soon, but not yet. After the wedding, Dana, Mike, Schulyer, Dee, Bob, Jeni, Taylor, and Diggory all accompanied us back to Port Angeles, and today is the first time I've actually had any time alone in weeks (Mike and Schulyer left this morning). I took care of some insurance mess and ran around town picking up some packages we'd missed.

But anyway, during the wedding-ness, people had expressed interest in knowing who was who on LJ, so I wanted to post a directory for those who are interested.

mountain_child is Tyler, my brand-new husband.
shaylith is Dana, who was NOT the shortest bridesmaid.
bluemoonshark is Diana, who got the wedding arbor level.
shrike30 is Mike, the EMT and Diana's fiance.
spadoink is also Mike, the Canadian photographer.
uniqueunorque is Jessica, Mike's wife and handler.
naturamother is Kim, Decorator of Tables, Tents, and Cars.
moontracks is Cassie, who is learning to make fire with a hand drill.
soddcutter is Toby, my gay boyfriend and wedding guest driving a convertible PT cruiser.

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