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Alright, I give up. Will somebody just tell me what "w00t!" means? I feel three times my age for asking, but I just can't take it anymore.

I'm really down today. I think it's a result of the morning's headache, a lot of homework and solitude, and listening to music from The Shawshank Redemption.

Went to the fair last night. Little teensy county fair with greasy elephant ears and caramel apples. I dragged Cassie to the quilt show, and then she dragged me to the goats. Then we went on rides. Many Gs were had by all. I like the swings. I went again today, just to ride the swings. ^_^

Speaking of swings, I finally got my hanging chair up rigged up this weekend, AND it rocks. I spent hours doing my philosophy readings there.

I also spent hours pulling together a dichotomous key for Idaho's reptiles and amphibians. It took way longer than I thought, but it looks pretty great. I hope it works great too, because I'll need it for Tuesday's test.

I want to drive to Arizona next weekend.

And I have no money for gas.


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