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Thanks for the good thoughts. :)

The details were; I applied for a job yesterday. We found out that an opening had opened up at the Olympic Park Institute, and they need someone who can start next week. I wanted to hold off on full-time work until I finish my thesis (working on my methods now, hoping to finish that chapter today), but this offer was basically my dream job; a naturalist at a private ecological organization, teaching kids. On the shores of Lake Crescent, which looks like Austria. It does NOT get better than that.

So on 12 hours notice, I whipped up a cover letter and resume, and drove over there yesterday to deliver it in person. The educational coordinator was very nice. She called me back today and unfortunately, I didn't get the job. The good news was that the main reason is that I'm not certified for wilderness first aid, and I can easily take care of that. I looked it up and there's a course in Seattle next month.

Plus, she said they were going to start hiring for the spring program very soon, and they're definitely keeping me in mind. She said I was welcome to come back for a September session and job shadow for a day, so we set a date and I'll be going back. Hopefully, good things will come of it. Now, if only SAS would call...

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